En-Suite Pitch Pods

Pitch Pods, Private Camping Shower rooms
brimming with great features

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5,000MaH Wireless or Wired SMART device Charging pocket! providing that vital charge whilst on the go.

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The Pitch Pod comes with a snug 40mm rock wall insulation, keeping the Pitch Pod warm when using underfloor heating

Laptop Compartment


The Pitch Pod is wired with 2 Electrical packs (4 internal spot lights & 2 external spots)

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Plumbing for the shower, toilet and sink are concealed within the panelling giving a sleek finished to the Pitch Pod

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The Pitch Pod ‘s flooring provides outstanding durability and slip resistance to ensure that guests wash safely.

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The Pitch Pod comes with a stylish shower, wash basin and toilet

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Ideal for the colder nights, the Pitch Pod comes with underfloor heating as an optional extra



The Pitch Pod comes with a standard white external door. Optional extras offer a wide variety of colours to choose from.


From the founders and creators of Clear Sky, Pitch Pods is the next generation of five star facilities for the Camper or Glamper of today. By designing and building these units in the UK we are proud to bring the highest quality en suite facilities available in Europe.

Our unit brings simplicity to the process of installing high quality facilities on you site, it truly is “Pitch, Plug and Play” By introducing the Pitch Pod you will see your bookings and income increase, giving you a short term ROI.

Generating new revenue streams

Today’s campers are demanding more from their chosen sites & providing them with their own private toilet & shower facility right there on the pitch which will increase your pitch fees by 30%. Charge higher night rates and our Pitch Pods will cover their costs in the first season through higher occupancy rates.

Our units are simple to fit, being dropped off complete and ready to plug in, so no on-site build requirement.

  • They are easy to maintain and can be sluice cleaned like any wet room.
  • The cladding is high quality renewable timber and is guaranteed for 5 years.
  • They are clad in high quality renewable timber and are guaranteed for 5 years.
  • Available in a range of finishes to fit with your park’s look and feel.

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Price List & Technical Specifications

Price List
Fully assembled unit:
Option 1: Underfloor heating:
Option 2: Grey PVC door:

The Pitch Pod is delivered ready to use, so it’s just a lift off the trailer and plug it in to the water and electric services
Prices ex VAT and delivery

Technical Specifications
• Dimensions – 1.8m x 1.9m
• Internal Ply with PVC cladding
• Pressure treated Redwood cladding
• Electrics: 4 int. & 2 ext. spots
• Safety Flooring
• 40mm rock wall insulation
• Complete shower, toilet & basin
• 90l unvented boiler

Handbag Bluetooth
Handbag Bluetooth

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Handbag Bluetooth
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Pitch Pod's Team

The team have been providing products and services to the holiday park industry for the past 20 years. We have recognized a trend towards more up market facilities and a drive towards more privacy when camping and touring.

Pitch Pod

Pitch Pod allows your guests to have their very own private ensuite shower room and toilet next to their tent or caravan. Guests can clean in the comfort of their own facilities and with underfloor heating (optional) showering can be a pleasurable experience when camping.

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